Laughter’s Applause: KPop’s Funny Rendition at EYW

kpop eyw 3


The last performance of the semester! On 8 May 2015, as part of the school’s Experience Yale-NUS Weekend, the Kpop crew did a funny rendition of Gee by Girls’ Generation.

“This was a tough performance in many ways. Not only did we have just one week to prepare the dance, there were also no mirrors we could use (they were being moved to the new campus). And, for the first time in my experience, we decided to put up a comical dance. For example, instead of the cute, girly poses in the original dance, we did poses that were outlandish and slapstick.

Despite these challenges, I felt we worked well as a group, and practiced hard. And during those moments on stage, I felt proud to be in the kpop crew.” — Crystal See (Saga ‘18)