Hip Hop

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Have you ever watched the movie, Step Up or the show, So You Think You Can Dance and actually wish you could just replicate or even better, create your own cool, funky moves? Here’s your chance. Hip hop is a street dance style that was started in New York City and remained one of the most popular dance genres ever since. It is generally very upbeat, exciting and energizing to dance and watch. It incorporates a variety of other styles within it such as Breaking, Locking, Popping, Harlem Shake. The genre has also given rise to new styles like Jazz-Funk, Lyrical Hiphop. But what makes Hip hop so different from other styles is that it is often ‘freestyle’ or improvisational in nature and dance crews often take part in “battles” where they dance off in freestyle! It is definitely a great way to get up and groove to the music with those killer moves that you’ll explore and enjoy! We are excited to offer Hip hop classes to our YNC community and would be starting off with some basic techniques and choreography. Open to all and no dance experience required — Let’s just have some fun!

Class Schedule

Thursday 6.30-8pm

Instructor Profile

Ronnie Chen is an external instructor from Oschool Dance Studio (www.oschool.com.sg/). He is an accomplished dancer who has represented Singapore in prestigious international Street Dance Competitions in Japan and Australia. He has trained in Los Angeles, and is one of the few local talents handpicked by Los-Angeles based Choreographer, Shaun Everisto, to perform with his company, Movment Lifestyle. He has taught in the US with boogiezone- the Global Dance Community Leader.

A seasoned dancer, Ronnie brings a fresh perspective to the art of Urban Dance influenced by his vast portfolio in performance. To date, Ronnie is in demand locally and regionally as an instructor and judge.