Two Years of History: Kpop at 2nd Yale-NUS End of Year Dinner

kpop selca 2


The Kpop Crew celebrated the end of our time at RC4 with a mashup of all its past performances, compressing its short 2-year history into a single night with one last burst of energy.


“I’ve always genuinely thought that anyone can dance if they enjoy it enough and put in the effort. And dance shouldn’t just be about yourself; it should be about the glee and the inspiration you evoke in the people around you. I found all of that once more while preparing for the end-of-sem performance – in the long practices late into the night (well they were always long but these ones were longer than ever before), in the rush and satisfaction of moving from one choreography to the next, in the friends who came up to me after the performance in awe and excitement – “eh that move damn cool – how to do ah?” — Hoa Nguyen (Cendana ’17)